Perry-Houston County Airport

Due to safety regulations, our closed hangar buildings (120-150), must be inspected periodically. Entrance to closed hangars must be afforded to emergency operations, such as the Fire Department. You will be notified of an inspection date. The following is an excerpt from our current hangar contract: SECURITY LOCKS: In connection with Landlord’s right to inspect the Hangar, and Landlord’s obligation to maintain the hangar, Landlord will provide a lock to be used to secure the Hangar. This is to be the only lock permitted to secure the Hangar. The Tenant will receive private keys to the said lock, but Landlord will keep a master key to all locks, to enable Landlord to carry out the maintenance and inspections cited above.
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Phillips 66 Aviation Card 

If you have (and use) a Phillips 66 Aviation Card, you will receive an additional nickle discount on the price of fuel at Perry-Houston County Airport.  In addition, the Phillips credit card offers an additional 10¢ per gallon (with 45 gallons or more per month) rebate for the first 90 days and a 5¢ per gallon rebate after that (details on the Phillips 66 website).  If you do not have a Phillips 66 Aviation card  apply at  Scroll down a couple of pages on their website and apply for the AvCard.